What is a Child Ambassador?

Child Ambassadors are dedicated volunteers who know firsthand the life-changing impact of sponsoring a child. Our team works to improve the lives of children and families living in poverty by giving others in our communities the chance to sponsor. By connecting others to this powerful cause, we truly are advocating for children everywhere!

World Vision has volunteer Child Ambassadors in every state of the U.S. – but we have a great need for more. Please join us! As our team grows, our efforts to fight global poverty will be magnified.

There are a few basic requirements that all Child Ambassadors share.Gina sharing her sponsored child
You must be:

  • Passionate about serving children and families in need
  • A current World Vision Child Sponsor
  • At least 18 years old
  • Able to access the Internet and email

You must also agree with the following World Vision values:

WVUS Statement of Faith

As a Child Ambassador you will:

  • Encourage others to help provide children with basic, yet life-saving necessities
  • Complete a brief online training from your home
  • Communicate regularly with your Volunteer Leader
  • When possible: connect with other Child Ambassadors, stay informed about global issues and build your leadership skills
  • Connect 10 or more children each year with sponsors by initiating opportunities to share child sponsorship with others – in whatever style you choose and whenever it fits into your schedule:
    • one-on-one with friends, family and co-workers
    • presentations to small groups, women’s/men’s groups, Rotary or other service clubs
    • represent World Vision at fairs or conferences
    • informal or formal presentations at your church
    • set up displays in local businesses

For more opportunities to volunteer with World Vision, please click here.

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