CONTEST: A World Vision field experience

RIGHT NOW, new applicants to our Child Ambassador program have the unique opportunity to potentially go on an incredible, life-changing journey into Mexico. Traveling with a small group of Child Ambassadors and experienced staff, two contest winners will experience World Vision’s work within the Pedregal de Santa community of Tijuana on November 3-7, 2014.

The group will visit multiple project areas, learn from field experts, and meet the wonderful people we serve through World Vision’s development and child protection efforts.

Give yourself this opportunity today! Simply become a Child Ambassador, find your first sponsor, and introduce yourself with a fun video twist.

To be eligible, between now and August 20, 2014 you must:

  1. Take two minutes to submit your Child Ambassador application TODAY.
  2. Follow the next steps as you are prompted to schedule your informational call with our staff and agree to a criminal background check (The next call opening could be up to a week away, so please don’t delay!).
  3. Assuming that both you and the World Vision staffer agree that the Child Ambassador program is a good fit for you, you will then receive an email with a link to your own personal sponsorship webpage. Using that webpage, you can start connecting sponsors with children right away! To be eligible for this contest, you must connect one child with a sponsor by the contest deadline of August 20, 2014.
  4. Submit a 60 second video telling us why you want to speak out on behalf of the poor and oppressed. You can act, sing, recite, feature other people or simply speak from the heart. Fancy equipment not required! Your smartphone will do the trick. Be sure you read the “Official Contest Rules” regarding the use of music or copyrighted material.
    To submit your video:
    1. Upload your video to Vimeo (it’s easy to create your free account)
    2. Email your video link to
    > Be sure to note your full name in the body of your email.
    > You will receive an email confirming that we’ve received your video.
    > Please note that World Vision cannot provide technical assistance w/ your video.

Two winning videos will be selected:

A panel of judges will score videos based on each one’s ability to speak to the heart and motivate others to act on behalf of the poor, using the below criteria:

Script (Is it thoughtful and empowering?)
Voice (Do we believe that what you’re saying is important?)
Overall Visual Quality (make sure we can see what you are trying to show us)
Creativity (this doesn’t mean fancy)
Authenticity (use what God gave YOU)

Then what:

The two winners will be notified by August 27th.

  • If your video is selected as a winner, your prize covers the cost of your roundtrip flight between the international airport nearest you and San Diego, CA; all ground transportation to/from/within Mexico; meals and accommodations while in Mexico; and a personal World Vision trip leader. The prize does not cover the cost of your passport (valid passport required by first travel date of November 3rd), travel insurance, or meals on the days you travel to and from San Diego. Please note that the winners must be officially welcomed as Child Ambassadors before the trip (pass a criminal background check and complete our brief online training).
  • If your video is not selected, this contest will still jumpstart the important work you’ll be doing as a World Vision Child Ambassador! And your video? It could be used by World Vision AND you to inspire others to get involved.